OpenCV 3+ contributions in python 3+, Numpy+mkl, Tensorflow

Ever wondered if there is an easy way to get some special beautiful wheels for your python installation? Well there is someone who does some of that work for you. You can download OpenCV+contribs support from >>here to get a head start with developing.

To install your files just put the wheel into some folder and open a CMD. The following should do the trick now:

pip install *path to the downloaded wheel.whl*

The correct wheel for your python installation / system configuration should be chosen!

for the Numpy+MKL support take a look at those wheels. Numpy+MKL is used by many popular packages:


Example Setup for Python

Here is an example setup with a lot of compatibility (Tensorflow with GPU) I like to use on windows. It is also possible to create a portable installation >>link

Recently Winpython 3.6 – although untested – should work with the cp36 versions!

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