Get Started with WinPython the easy way

Hello my dear readers and welcome to our quick WinPython startup tutorial for beginners,

up to some request I decided to provide you a quick and easy start with (Win)Python, we will go through the process of installing and setting up a working environment in WinPython that you can use through the Windows Console and install packages with pip. We will do this for python 3+; Python 2 should be a similar process though. We’ll get you up in running in no time – I promise!

Extract WinPython

First we will download the version we want. Keep in mind that not all versions of Python support all packages equally well. I usually would go with the one with the most recent downloads:

Now we will use the version 3.6 since it is currently stable and provides support for tensor-flow (for all you AI freaks) and most important python packages. You should find yourself on this URL:

I chose for the time being the Version Now I would suggest to download the QT Version since it comes with most important packages like pip and numpy. Download the specific Version for your System (64bit or 32bit).

Now just install or better: extract (it is called install but is just an extraction) to the directory of choice. I prefer short directories with no spaces like: C:\PortApps\WinPython

Register WinPython on the machine with path variables

Once installed there are just two path variables you need to set to use this specific python installation out of the box:

in my case this would be:



now to add environment variables into the path there are multiple ways. We will choose the easiest way and I like it because this one is also portable and you can put it on your thumb-drive:

Download Rapidee from (choose the zip version for your system and extract somewhere). Run it and open the Path variable. Now simply add the two values like this and don’t forget to save:

Done that is it!

Check your installation

hit up the command line of Windows and type in python you should be greeted by pythons console:

That’s it now you are good to go. If you want to start coding you can go to your extraction directory of WinPython and start Spyder.exe or for Jupyter editing Jupyter Notebook.exe.

For completeness of this article: You can easily convert your portable WinPython installation into a standard one by simply running WinPython Control Panel.exe and choosing to register this version on your machine. Please note that there are dependencies (C++ Redistributables) needed for some packages. You can read more about that here:



If you want to go deeper, consider reading the following post.

I am not affiliated in any way with Rapidee, but I think it is a mighty piece of program in case you want to donate the author has a donation page:

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