Corona mask: Easy, quick 3d-printed in vase-mode

Hello fellow readers! I hope you are safe and well! Last week I decided to come up myself with a corona mask design for the current corona-virus outbreak which should fit the criteria that it should be:

  1. fast to print (vase-mode)
  2. easy to assemble
  3. fit good to the face
  4. close all gaps of the face like a 3M-Mask

The result was a mask that can be fitted with any filter material using hot glue and a few straps!

Feel free to check it out on ThingyVerse:

3d printing

I designed the mask and told cura to lay it flat on the printing-bed. I used PETG material from a no-name company which should not be toxic (as maybe ABS) and has enough elasticity. My 3d printer is the casual ENDER-3 printer from Creality:

covid mask 3d printing concept

Covid mask 3d printing concept

I did not manage to print PETG straight from the start, but it helped me figure out what works. I found the best points to follow are:

  • Clean the bed thoroughly until it is completely fat and dust-free (glas-bed) I use glas-kleener. Keep those fingers of the plate!
  • The first layer is printed slowly in order to let PETG adhere better to the plate!
  • The build plate is heated to 80° C
  • The print nozzle is heated to 240° C
Cura 4.5 settings print speed

Cura 4.5 settings print speed

I also turned on vase-mode by using the Special-Modes switches:

Cura 4.5 settings print vase-mode and brim

Cura 4.5 settings print vase-mode and brim

The material I used as a base is the standard PETG material in Cura 4.5:

Cura 4.5 settings print material

Cura 4.5 settings print material


The final result should look like this:

Covid19 mask assembled

Corona mask assembled

You simply glue the used filter material (I used special PM2.5 filter inlays from china) to the brim of the mask with hot glue! It is important to hermetically seal the mask with the glue.

However filter inlays could also be: coffee filters, dust filters from cleaners (Polypropylene material) or dust bag filters from vacuum cleaners.

Similarly the straps are glued in a simple fashion by applying glue to the following fields:

Covid 19 mask assembly with glue

Covid 19 mask assembly with glue

That is it! I hope you found the post useful! Stay safe!

Get related files here:

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