Data validation in EXCEL by referencing tables or ranges.

How do we generate those fancy validation lists in excel you ask? I am happy to announce that I am again actively writing on my page! This time the cause is that I am not happy that I spent a lot of time finding out why validation lists are so […]

Excel difference ranges vs tables

Auto-upload images to WordPress in python with caption, description, alt-text, etc.

Hello fellow Pythonians and beloved readers! Today we will automate your image uploads in WordPress! Did you ever wonder what people do who have to upload a big bunch of images to their WordPress page? They use the WordPress  uploader fine… BUT what do you do when you have a […]

3D-Printing first and foremost with Nylon, Cura 2.6.1 1

Hello my dear people! As humanity has struggled many thousand years to translate ideas into physical form, in our recent years it became cheap, easy and quite fast to bring some imagined object, from the board to the physical world. Amidst dropping prices in 3D-Printing I decided to choose the […]

3D-Printer with Nylon filament

OpenCV 3+ contributions in python 3+, Numpy+mkl, Tensorflow 2

Ever wondered if there is an easy way to get some special beautiful wheels for your python installation? Well there is someone who does some of that work for you. You can download OpenCV+contribs support from >>here to get a head start with developing. To install your files just put […]

Open CV Stereo – Depth image generation and filtering with python 3+, ximgproc and OpenCV 3+ 40

Dear readers today we are going to look at how to generate a depth image using 2 stereo images. I know that there exists a tutorial in the OpenCV – docs. Although the functions of OpenCV are implemented quite well in python, there seem to be some misunderstandings in how […]