Hi! my name is Timotheos, nice to meet you!

First and foremost I am a lazy person. In fact so lazy, that automation and optimization are such a big fetish, I never get tired of doing them. Imagine a world without any work? A magicians world? That is what I do.

I love programming, automation, science fiction, star stuff and everything imaginable which catches my interest. I love trying new things and sometimes I love exploring possibilities which seem unorthodox at first, but effectively get the job done, easier and faster.


So besides this? I am a firm believer that with enough interest, everything is possible! Which… brings me to my second characteristic: I love to tinker with everything! Technology in particular in every form is tingling my nerves. The moment I don’t know how something works, I am on fire…


I currently live in Germany near the key hub Frankfurt. This gives me plenty of possibility to get in touch with the world.